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 Increase your bookings
Increase Your Bookings
Improve your booking potential with our online services.  Remove the frustration from your clients. Our service offers a full automated booking calendar which updates immediately and sends you all the details to your mobile phone.

Every one benefits, you have reduced administration, lower phone bills, reduced missed bookings and instant payments, while your customer has a confirmed holiday and peace of mind.

This works anywhere, anytime, you free yourself and increase your bookings, no more need to check your emails daily and no need to lose that important client that is in a hurry.  In fact you do not even need to have a computer!

Why you need our System
If you have the old style "email for availability" mechanism, then you know that you have missed an important booking and will again.  With our system this becomes a thing of the past.
If you take just one booking more because your client gets instant security in the knowledge their booking is done immediately then you have not wasted your money.  One booking will pay for the entire service, two bookings and you are in the black. 

Cut and Paste into your Website
Using the widgets available from Booking Wizard, you can integrate your website, your Booking Calendar and get free advertising from Lets Holiday Direct.  Simply take out your free account here and register for your account at Booking Wizard

better still....

Get a full website
Our full website application gives you even more power.  Check out our online tour to see all the advantages you can get, including the immediate booking facility, administration centre and self editing website.  This application is even better value for money and gives you all the statistics you need to maximise the return on your property. 

If you already have a website, then we can arrange for the transfer of your domain name to us and update your site.